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Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

As long as I can remember fanfiction has been a large part of my life. From writing cringy self-insert Harry Potter fanfictions when I was 13, to reading fanfictions that could simply change the characters names and be considered a masterpiece of literature, I have always been in love with fanfiction. Which is why when I read Fangirl (Rowell’s first book in this ‘series’ if you will) I fell in love with Cath because … well Cath was me. She had heavy debates on whether or not Magneto and Professor X were gay, something which my housemates and I debate whenever we watch X-Men (I ship it) but she loved something so much she wanted to keep it alive by any means possible. Continue reading Carry On – Rainbow Rowell


The Last Wish – Andrzej Sapkowski

Everyone always tries to find something else to do instead of writing their dissertations. It’s a fact we all need to accept, is that when your coursemate brags they’ve started it or done a massive amount of progress on it, the truth is they’re probably 3 seasons deep into a Netflix Original and they need to hide it. Over the summer though, I was not 3 seasons deep into a Netflix Original, but rather watching someone else get 90 hours deep into The Witcher 3. Continue reading The Last Wish – Andrzej Sapkowski

The Truth about Melody Brown – Lisa Jewell

Imagine living your life as normal, but you have no memory of your life from birth to nine years old. You have small broken seemingly insignificant memories of your childhood, but that is all. This is the life of Melody Brown. 30-something single mother to a 17-year-old son living in a council flat in London, who is just living life as normal until she starts having memories of a mysterious childhood she didn’t know she had.

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The Raven King – Nora Sakavic

As someone who is all about reading the most popular thing on Tumblr at any given time, I was all over The Foxhole Court series by Nora Sakavic the minute it was brought to my attention. Especially when it was brought to my attention that the series main character, Neil Josten, was on the asexual spectrum. Finally, I cried out, a hero I can see myself in … and on that front, the series did not disappoint. But I’ll come back to this.

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Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

Ready Player One is a book that theoretically should be right up my alley. After seeing it pop up on my Twitter, endorsed by various celebrities and being hailed as a new cult classic, it held my interest, and for a while, I managed to ignore it. It wasn’t until the screen bled into my real life and people I actually knew started to tell me how much I would enjoy this book, I decided to pick it up and give it a read.

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