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Podcast: Adaptations

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Inkling Podcast – Adaptations!

Listen in on Soundcloud.

Starring Matt, Molly, Reece and Sophie.

They’ll be talking about Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Percy Jackson series and The Hunger Games, as well as touching on The Chronicles of Narnia.

And introducing the 3-Minute-Moment!  An Inkling is given three minutes to rant on a topic and expresses their feelings on a book, series or topic while the other Inklings listen and look on in horror, then briefly discuss the aftermath.



Podcast: Pilot

The Inkling Podcast is now live!  Listen to the first episode on Soundcloud.

Join Matt, Sophie and Reece as they introduce the podcast, talk about their favourite books and explain what the Inklings hope to do in the future!

Next week, the theme will be Adaptations.  The Inklings will be talking about such films/books as the Harry Potter series, A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Percy Jackson series.

Listen in next week!