Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

Honestly, I feel like I review a lot of books that could be classified as ‘teen series’ and I apologise for this. Seriously, I promised that the next review that I put out for this website will be a stand alone book and something a little more adult, however this week we are sticking to the theme.

Red Queen is a book that I was put onto by Waterstones recommendations, aka the little tabs that Waterstones’ workers put next to books they like with a little reason as to why they liked it. Now I take the recommendations of Waterstones’ employees very seriously, after all it’s how I found my favourite book of all time so obviously, I picked it up without hesitation. That and I also needed another book to get involved in the buy one get one half price offer and it was the only one that appealed to me at the time.

Whilst I was a little concerned that I’d signed myself up for another The Hunger Games fantasy fiction, I found as I flicked through the pages that actually Red Queen was a gem. I would use the cliche a hidden gem but it was literally in the middle of the store so it wasn’t exactly the best kept secret. The book follows the conflict between the regular reds and the supernatural silvers, each named for the colour of their blood. If you have silver blood then you are gifted with magical powers and thus, silvers are the elite of the land and reds are just used as soldiers in a never ending war.

Despite this though, our protagonist Mare is something special, a red with silver powers, and after letting them lose at a public silver event, Mare has to very quickly get used to the game she has now found herself in. Now she has to fight to not only keep her secret but also to survive against reds who believe she’s betrayed them and silvers who want to expose her and prove she doesn’t belong.

The characters, whilst sometimes annoying, are very human. After all, who isn’t annoying because real people have flaws, which is something that endeers the author to them. Cal is a good person but as a leader he’s very wishy washy. Evangeline (honestly my favourite character) is completely awful and rude but you see her position as a marriage is the only thing available to her. Mare is headstrong and courageous but she’s also stubborn to a point of fault and occasionally selfish. It’s these traits in these characters though that make the reader love them and want to see them grow.

Another standout part about TRed Queen is the plot. Granted, without giving too much away, I would describe the big reveal as one that is a little bit obvious but the execution of the storyline is what matters. Whilst the plot point that was used was obviously one that could be predicted by some, it was the way it happened that kept me gripped and is a big reveal that I could honestly say is one of the best in the genre. Overall, I think TRed Queen may just be the new Hunger Games for me, however, I think TRed Queen might actually give me a book ending that I enjoy.


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