The Last Wish – Andrzej Sapkowski

Everyone always tries to find something else to do instead of writing their dissertations. It’s a fact we all need to accept, is that when your coursemate brags they’ve started it or done a massive amount of progress on it, the truth is they’re probably 3 seasons deep into a Netflix Original and they need to hide it. Over the summer though, I was not 3 seasons deep into a Netflix Original, but rather watching someone else get 90 hours deep into The Witcher 3.

I quickly became enchanted with the world of Geralt the Witcher; from the monster hunting, to the fantasy setting and the crap haircuts we would give him before important looking cutscenes, The Witcher was a good escape from the 10 to 10 monotony of my summer waitressing job. Who would honestly be wanting to take the orders of screaming children when you could be getting drunk trying to fight a vampire?

However as my hours ramped up and the summer ended, my flatmate’s journey with Geralt was wrapped up but I was left wanting more. So when I found out that the game actually was based on a series of books, I immediately ordered the first, apprehensive to see if the books measured up to the fantastic universe I had become so fond of.

Honestly, it did. There’s a lot of differences between books and games as a medium, for example you get to see a lot more into a character’s head and what they’re thinking which is something you can’t achieve with games without having awkward asides every five seconds. The book made it easier to get into the head of Geralt without it feeling like it dragged, and the stories were a lot better when you didn’t have to travel across a map to access them. With a turn of the page, you’re at the next adventure.

When it comes to personal preference as well, one of the main perks of the book is that it follows the romantic route that I enjoyed most from the game. The love interest that I picked out for Geralt was Yennefer of Vengerberg, a sorceress Geralt raised a child with and ultimately had a lot of history with. Yennefer to me was Geralt’s ‘forever girl’ and the game didn’t give me enough of that romance, however with the books Yennefer is the only romantic interest and I love seeing her romantic interactions with Geralt.

Overall, whilst I haven’t made my mind up on which is better. Since I’ve only read one book in Sapkowski’s series, I think I need to give the others a chance before I make a final decision. However, if you’re a The Witcher fan who wants another chance to explore a fantastic universe then I would definitely recommend the series. Since well … it made the games famous you know.


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