Bernie Sanders’ Book Reveal

After gaining a massive following during last year’s US Presidential election, Bernie Sanders has announced that he is now writing a book for the age group who rallied to his side: teenagers.

The book aims to encourage teenagers to not only think about voting but to consider other ways in which they can become politically involved, especially in between elections.

The book, which will be released August 29th, is titled The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution.


Could ‘Screen Fatigue’ Mean Death For The Kindle?

Recent figures suggest that the British public are abandoning their Kindles, with the online book being abandoned for good old fashioned print editions.

This comes after figures were released showing that consumer e-book sales had fallen by 17% this year meaning that profits were the lowest they had been since 2011, the year that the Amazon Kindle was first sold in the UK.

Print sales, however, experienced a 9% increase in profits from last year, suggesting that paper may be best after all.

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Children’s Fiction Helps Reach Record Book Sales

The Publishers Association has said that a rise in the popularity of children’s fiction has helped set a new record for UK book sales.

UK book sales reached £3.5 billion in 2016 with the sales of children’s books contributing £365 million after a 16% increase in revenue.

Self help and fitness books were also popular genres of books however, general fiction had a decline in sales of 7%.

Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

As long as I can remember fanfiction has been a large part of my life. From writing cringy self-insert Harry Potter fanfictions when I was 13, to reading fanfictions that could simply change the characters names and be considered a masterpiece of literature, I have always been in love with fanfiction. Which is why when I read Fangirl (Rowell’s first book in this ‘series’ if you will) I fell in love with Cath because … well Cath was me. She had heavy debates on whether or not Magneto and Professor X were gay, something which my housemates and I debate whenever we watch X-Men (I ship it) but she loved something so much she wanted to keep it alive by any means possible. Continue reading Carry On – Rainbow Rowell